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BMCI is a social enterprise with a deep-rooted value system that respects and regards all aspects of life. Inspiration, empathy, respect and support for each other and for partners and participants form the essence of its organizational culture. The team intricately matches their professionalism with humility.

They have tasked themselves to reach out to different sections of society who are in need of their services. Every program and activity is carefully planned striving to solve a problem of a particular group, industry or society.

The diversity and nature of programs and projects handled by this small team is a testimony of their quiet and diligent effort towards social service. In order to sustain their initiative, they also attract a number of like-minded trainers and partners who are willing to support with little or no remuneration and benefits. These individuals and organisations are greatly appreciated and duly acknowledged for their service.

Volunteers and visiting foreign faculty are made to feel at home. Their experience and comfort while in Bhutan is planned and implemented with great care and detail. Sight seeing and field trips are also arranged in order to help them understand Bhutan and Bhutanese culture better.

The team is gender sensitive and gives individual attention to everyone. They maintain a conducive, clean and safe environment for learning and sharing. Pregnant women and feeding mothers are permitted flexi timing and made to feel comfortable.

Supporting healthy media and communications development by instilling professional and ethical values

Why Choose BMCI?

Gross National Happiness

Inspired by the Gross National Happiness (GNH) values, BMCI tries to apply them through its operation as a social enterprise. The values are reflected from design to delivery of programs. BMCI was named as one of the local social enterprises where GNH is operational during a presentation in one of the international GNH Conferences in Bhutan.

Knowledge Partnership

BMCI has the required experience and expertise for Knowledge Management for any organisation. BMCI was ICIMOD’s official knowledge partner in Bhutan from 2014-2017. BMCI is involved in several research and communication material development for many organisations.

International Network

BMCI partners with a large number of international organisations and individuals who believe in supporting the development of professional media and other organisations. Thus, BMCI has been able to provide high quality trainings at locally affordable fees.


BMCI has a small but a dedicated team who work with a wide network of organisations and individuals both within and outside the country to carry out different activities. The team focuses on integrity, quality, care and continuous improvement.

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