Media has emerged as a very powerful instrument of social, economic and political change throughout the world. In Bhutan, the media scene has substantially changed particularly following democratisation.

However, a handful of Bhutanese media houses are lost in the midst of international media onslaught. Therefore our infant media will have to develop the capacity to withstand the external influence through creativity, quality and professionalism as it grapples with its own evolution. Education and training of media professionals working in the changing environment will be critical to the success of democracy. This means the need for specific media courses.

Therefore, Bhutan Media & Communications Institute was established to churn out constant pool of competent and result-oriented professionals on a regular basis.

A vibrant democracy can only be sustained by an active participation of citizens through a process of open democratic discourse taking place at all levels of the society and the media has to become a platform for public discourse.

BMCI also offers to train the media focal persons, local leaders, media planners and communities to understand the role of media and learn to communicate issues of concern to them.

BMCI provides a wide range of trainings suited for both experienced professionals who wish to hone their skills or inexperienced individuals who will be working in a new field and need to expand their skills.

Meanwhile, BMCI has also expanded its operations into consultancy and International certification in English and computer skills to complement the existing programs as well as to create additional revenue stream to sustain the Institute. BMCI works with a wide range of experts and organisations across the world